Tuesday, July 5, 2011

First Trip to the Movies

Saturday morning Auntie Jenna and I took the kids to the movies.  Jack and Miss Maddy have never been to a real movie, I thought at 2.75 years old they would probably be good.  Or maybe not, I also suspected it might be a disaster which is why I didn't go alone.  We saw Kung Fu Panda 2, 20 minutes shorter than Cars 2, and we would not have seen that last 20 minutes of Cars 2.  Gwen was awesome as always, but to be fair anytime the TV is on she will zone out at watch it, its just her nature.  Maddy was OK for about an hour before she started getting out of her seat.  After 40 minutes Jack had finished his candy and saw no reason to stay, he told me he wanted to go home.  They pretty much do the same thing at home when we watch a movie, except I don't spend $40.

There were no melt downs, so I should be happy with the outcome.  I ended up taking Jack and Maddy down to the front row so they would only annoy me and each other.  Lesson learned though, taking 1 or 2 kids to a movie is a better idea.  With 3 there is no way we are making it to the end.

The movie was cute, definitely rentable. 

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