Monday, July 11, 2011

Secrets of Success: Simple Mom Style

Read a great article on Simple Mom today that lead to another and another as I clicked through the links.  I'm feeling a little burnt out at work lately and am preparing for a much needed vacation.  When I am feeling burnt out the number one problem is motivation.

Secrets of Success: is pointed to Stay-at-Home-Working-Moms and her advice is to "Get it done early".  Simple enough and you can read the whole article.  What I liked best was this piece:
The ironic part of this for those of us who are naturally procrastinators is that while the pressure of deadlines provides incentive to get things done, the freedom that comes from getting things done early is an entirely different type of motivation that can make work fun again.
Mandi also makes the suggestion of adding margin into your day.  I am great about planning my day, but I almost never give myself enough time to realistically get tasks done and don't leave time for going to the bathroom, answering urgent emails, eating lunch.  

Eat the Frog:  This article is based on a book called Eat That Frog.  If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, the worst is behind you.  I like this idea.  I often have things I need to get done, but delay doing them if they take "too long".  If I just did them right away and got it over with I would feel better for accomplishing something and relieved to have it out of the way.

Tools: Tsh posted her favorite tools and downloads on Simple Mom.  Check them out, there is something for everyone!

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