Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What is a Happiness Project?

Your "happiness project" is your own project to take specific steps to boost your happiness. Start now!

To help you identify changes in your life that might make you happier, answer the following questions:

What makes you feel good? What activities do you find fun, satisfying, or energizing?

What makes you feel bad? What are sources of anger, irritation, boredom, frustration, or anxiety in your life?

Is there any way in which you don't feel right about your life? Do you wish you could change jobs, cities, family situation, or other circumstances? Are you living up to your expectations for yourself? Does your life reflect your values?

Do you have sources of an atmosphere of growth? In what areas of your life do you find progress, learning, challenge, improvement, and increased mastery?

Answering these questions provides a good roadmap to the areas that you could tackle and the Tools will help you stay engaged with your happiness project.
- from Gretchen Rubin's Project Toolbox (link below)

The Happiness Project Toolbox
The Happiness Project Blog
Happiness Project

In her book, Gretchen Rubin chooses a focus each month to work on, adding goals to those from previous months.  I am working on my list of ideas to focus on.  Here are some things I'm considering (in no particular order):
Wife-ing (Marriage)
Extended Family & Friendship

I'm not sure what any of these would entail, but they are areas I would like to improve on or at least consider re-evaluating my current way of dealing with them.

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