Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jingle Bell 5k with Gwen

Gwen after her race
Last Sunday Gwen and I participated in the Jingle Bell 5k at the Domain in Austin.  It was very cold and very fun.  Gwen ran the kids k first - well, sort of ran.  Poor Gwen.  She was SO excited to go with me and run, excited at the start line and took off with the other kids.  After about 2 minutes we turned a corner and headed into the wind.  Gwen slowed down, her face turned red and she was trying not to cry.  We walked for a moment before she started to cry and asked to be carried.  I put her on my back and ran for her.  When we could SEE the finish line I made her get down to finish.  She took off like a bunny and sprinted the rest of the way.  She got a medal and was happy. 

I pushed Gwen in the 5k portion and finished in 25:14, 4th place in my age group.  It is pretty hard to push a 4 year old and run but I was glad to enjoy the race with Gwen.  Normally I run in the mornings before the kids even get up, so I took the opportunity to show her that Mommy runs and it is a lot of fun.  Post race we had juice and cookies, and picked up doughnuts for the family on the way home. 

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