Monday, December 27, 2010

Focus for January

I plan to follow the Happiness Project for 2011.  Gretchen chooses a focus of the month and has an activity or thought for the week each Monday.  BUT, my personal January focus is money, or more specifically spending.  I'm not in debt or living beyond my means by any account, but I am unhappy with my spending habits.  I definitely enjoy spending money, but later feel guilty about it. I also don't think that I appreciate the wonderful things that I do have.  My other concern is the effect this has on my children.  They are not awful brats - yet.  I can tell them no at the store and they know they don't always get treats, but I frequently buy things just for the hell of it, like toys/coloring books/more of what they already have. 

My first step is defining what I do NOT want to spend money on.  This is the start of my list -
more toys!
more craft supplies (I have to use what I have, same for the kids)
shoes for me (how many flats can one girl own? don't answer that)
handbags (rotate what I have more often)
pointless things for the kids
eat the fresh produce I buy!

I need to remove myself from emails or blogs with "HOT DEALS" and take away the temptations. 
Make a list of "wish list" items to look forward to, if I truly still want them a month later, look for the best deal.
Consider if each purchase is a want or a need

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JennAventures said...

Dont be guilty about your Lulu-its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

But I'm proud of you for attemptig this.