Monday, June 1, 2009

I will not die a slow death

I’m getting a Blackberry.  John found me one on eBay and I will be joining the technology enabled people of this world.  Why am I getting a Blackberry? 

1.       The past few months I have found that with doctors appointments and other kid related tasks I am not always at my desk and able to check my email.  I would feel a little less guilty about taking time off for my family life if I can at least read my email and take care of any urgent issues.

2.       I rarely check my personal email anymore.  Getting on the home computer is the last thing on my to-do list in the evening.  If I can check it during the day I can respond to emails from family and friends more often. 

3.       I am… almost… 30.  Let me try to explain why this is a reason.  I don’t normally like new technology.  I expect to throw this new phone in violent rage more than once and to get mad at John for not magically making it do what I want.  But, I don’t want to be one of the old people in the Jitterbug commercials using the huge phones with only 3 buttons.  There will come a time when everyone is mobily connected and I don’t want my kids to be teaching me to use my phone, snickering at my stupidity, when they are 10.  I know they will do it when they’re 14, but I’d like to delay that day as long as possible. 

So, I will update on the joys and hardships of my new phone when I get it.

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Moni said...

Hahah! You'll enjoy it once you get used to it! :)