Monday, May 18, 2009

Pfun Run & Deuling Babies

This weekend was the Pflugerville Deutchenfest Pfun Run 5k. This was our first family race. I pushed Gwen and John pushed Jack & Madeline in the strollers. It was a nice race. Not a lot of people, which is key when running with a stroller. Gwen did great. She blew bubbles while I ran and yelled “Go Mommy Go” “Go Faster”. I was the first to finish pushing a stroller in 26:51, 2nd in my age group! After the 5k Gwen “ran” in the kids K. She was SO excited about this all week and during the 5k she kept asking when it was her turn to run. But when the kids K began, all the kids started running, and Gwen stood there, fingers in her mouth. I walked with her, holding her hand, for 100 feet or so. She did not want to run. In fact, she appeared frozen. I carried her for a bit, then turned around to come back. When I put her down to run, she started to cry. Everyone cheered her on, she got lots of encouragement, but none of it mattered. She didn’t even want her medal. Gwen was sad. The only thing that cheered her up was a slice of pizza. On the way home, she told John and I all about her medal, how she ran and had a great time. I’m glad she remembered it better than the reality.

All in all it was a successful outing for the Mills.

Another note for the weekend, we have 2 crawling babies. Madeline is army crawling all over, going after anything that interests her, including Jack’s feet and anything he is playing with. Jack is doing the worm to get around, mostly trying to get a different toy, since Madeline has taken his. We are starting to see a little bit of jealousy. If one gets picked up, the other cries foul and gets upset if they don’t get picked up too. If I sit with them on the floor, they both make their way over to me and try to crawl in my lap.

This brings us to #60 – baby proofing. John got the gates out last night, so we are tying to figure out how to zone the house. Biggest concern is the stairs and all Gwendolyn’s little choking hazzard toys. I think some things, like the tiny little doll shoes, may get “lost” for awhile.

#101 – do something that I am afraid to do. Skiing? I have never been skiing, and really had no interest. But Jenna and I are planning a trip for the fall/winter and I am actually considering going skiing. It is a debate between sitting on the beach, drinking, or falling on my butt in the snow. Hmmmm…

#22 – Oprah’s stupid book club list, I finally finished Anna Karenina. Worst. Book. Ever. I am now on to a totally different genre than classic Russian literature – Twilight, high school vampire literature.


Technicolor_Jenn said...

You will feel dumber after reading Twilight. But its so worth it. Like consuming a tub of guacamole...or eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's. I advise stopping before you read the last book in the series. Thats when Stephanie Meyers blows it.

Michael, Jill, Kate, Trudy and Sammy Abernethy said...

I loved the twilight series! I didn't think I would, but I did!