Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sigh... light years away

What happened? It has been over a month since I posted anything. Really, I never spend time on the computer at home anymore. If John isn't in here, then I am busy doing other stuff (dishes, cleaning, laundry, working out, sleeping, and occasionally watching TV). I do check in and read everyone else's posts, but I just can't be bothered to do my own. Lame? Yes. But necessary.

20 - Date nights. We have had a few. Moilanen's housewarming, daycare parent's night out, and Moilanen's wedding. We also try to meet once a month for lunch.

27. Catch up on photo albums. I did add a few pages to Gwen's and got all my supplies organized. I am looking forward to getting our office back so I can have my own work table.

46. Read to Gwen daily - nightly bed time story is embedding in the routing now. I do get tired of our selections though. We have a book of "baby lullabies". Who knew that lullabies are so disturbing? Geese knocking old people down stairs, babies falling from tree tops, children playing in the street at night? All terrible.

47. Get Gwen off crack, I mean, the pacifier. I can't believe this is done! A few months ago Gwen was complaining about her mouth hurting (teeth coming in). We pounced on the opportunity and blamed the paci. If was a few rough days, and I nearly broke a hundred times, but we are over it! There are days when I would like it back, and I still try and give one to the babies sometimes, but we are a pacifier free home.

49. Potty train Gwen. Wow, failure. From what I can tell (ie interpret from the daily notes), Gwen is potty trained at school as far as pee goes, not poo. But if we even hint about her going to the potty at home she gets uber pissed and punishes us for the rest of the day. As of last week John and I decided to ignore the whole thing and start over. Actually, it is convenient, when we take our 20 hour trip to MI we won't have to bring the potty for the ride.

54. Get new baby on a schedule. This is as done as we can get. Jack and Madeline sleep through the night and go to bed without a fuss. Nap time is a totally different story, but I'll take what I can get.

55. Find a babysitter in the neighborhood. Thank you, Lord, for Alex. She is so great. Alex is one of our after work helpers who comes twice a week. She does all the stuff that has to get done every night that beats us down and she helps with Gwen and the babies if one of us isn't home. She also babysits occasionally. I am always on the lookout for other babysitters though. I don't think I can have TOO many.

75. Take a family vacation. Impending doom June of 2009. Road trip. To. Michigan. WTF.

35. Get Waxed. Technically, I did get waxed, but it was my eyebrows. That was not the original intention of this "goal" and I still intend to get a bikini wax at some point.

22. Read 2 Oprah's book club books (Anna Fucking Karenina almost done 5/09). I am seriously pissed about this stupid fucking book. It has taken me years and it isn't even good. I am about 20 pages from finishing and I don't even care.

40. Use all the fun kitchen appliances and tools that I have. I use my steamer all the time! For cooking veggies for dinner and for preparing the babies' food. Easy peasy.

92. Beat 5k PR (23:36) - wow, I can't believe that is my PR.

82. Take a fitness class - there is a yoga class in my neighborhood that I occasionally go to (whoops, it was tonight).


Moni said...

I hated Anna Karenina too! I don't think I ever finished it, amazing!

That's an awesome PR, you gazelle, you.

Christy said...

I admire your ambition with #75. Good luck!