Monday, June 15, 2009

Bring out your dead!

Well, not dead, just sick kids.


Surgery updates:

Gwendolyn had her ear tubes put in and adenoids out 6/5.  Surgery went fine and she was a trooper at the hospital.  Her recover was easy except for having some trouble sleeping.  It must have just been some soreness, a little Tylenol seemed to be enough to get her back to normal.  She had her follow up last week and is ear infection free!  Hoozah!


The babies got their tubes 6/12.  They were running behind schedule so Jack didn’t go back until about 8am, Madeline 8:45.  Jack was pretty annoyed by waiting around without having eaten sine 6:30pm the night before.  Both babies got rides in the hospital wagons and were entertained by pacing around and looking at all the other kids going in for surgery.  Jack went first and they assured us he would be back in 15 minutes.  After about 30 minutes we were getting worried.  Madeline had fallen asleep in my arms so I could no longer feel anything on my left side.  Finally, the nurse came out, first thing she said was “He’s Fine!”  Apparently he gave the staff quite a scare.  He still had an ear infection and was very congested.  After putting the tubes in the Doctor sucked as much gunk out of his ears, nose and throat as he could.  But Jack got something caught in his throat and they had to put a tube in to make sure he could breath and put an IV in, in case there was something more wrong.  I got the feeling he freaked everybody out pretty bad, but they downplayed it to us.  He was very grumpy with everyone after that.


Madeline did great though and had no infection, so she is all set.


Once Jack is done with his antibiotics we’ll see how long we can stay medicine free. Hopefully, more than a month.

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