Friday, June 5, 2009

Her first shot of tequilla

Gwendolyn had her surgery today. She and I left at 6am and got to the surgery center. She was in an excellent mood, which was a relief. She got a little something to ease the transition back to the O.R. that made her loopy. The nurse said "aren't you proud? Her first shot of tequilla." It was a little entertaining to watch her eyes glaze over and hands flop lazily as she watched TV. John met us after dropping off the babies. I'm glad he came since we were there for 3.5 hours. Gwendolyn came out of surgery sleeping and woke up a little freaked out. She was out of it for 30 minutes or so until she got a lollipop. The doctor put tubes in both ears and removed her adenoids. She still had an ear infection, after 4 (5?) rounds of antibiotics. I really hope that this keeps her healthy for awhile.

Right now she is up in her bed, not sleeping, singing to herself. Oh... please nap... please please please!

Next Friday it's the babies turn!

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