Sunday, March 31, 2013

Austin Rodeo Carnival: March 2013

We made our first attempt at the Austin Rodeo this year, but only the carnival portion.  Like a dummy I waited until too late to get tickets for the actual rodeo, but in retrospect we wouldn't have made it all the way through anyway, so it was better that we didn't try.

The carnival was a lot of fun, but crazy money.  Next time we will definitely do a week day and get the half price passes to ride the rides.  The kids loved riding everything and would have done more.  Also, we will NOT play any midway games.  I let Jack and Maddy play and they WON, so then Gwen was pissed when she did not win.  That ended the day, but it was my fault.  Though I hope Gwen learned a lesson about midway games and never winning. 

Tractor posing


Intentionally trying to ruin the picture - FAILED

John looks creeped out

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Maddy was not happy with her ice cream.  Turned out she was running a 101 temp, so she felt like crap.


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