Monday, April 1, 2013

We Love Campin'

The kids had no school on Friday, no games, no classes over the weekend so we went camping at Mother Neff State Park for the weekend.  With each camping trip we get better at planning, packing, entertaining ourselves and packing it all up when we go home.  The kids have had a great time just being outside, hiking, snacking and sleeping in tents.  We have a new tradition to tell bedtime stories where one of us starts the story and each person adds on to it.  And each camping trip has some new 'you'll never believe where kid X pooped!' story that is too embarrassing to share. 

Jack helped assemble the tents

Tall grass is fun (later we were told its also full of snakes)

These logs provided HOURS of fun

I used my dutch oven
and made delicious corn bread

Too tired to even snack

Gwen took this picture of me and the big ole bell

Hiking is awesome

We can't possibly pose nicely for a picture

Maddy is a dog or a cat

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