Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sherwood Forest Faire

My parents visited in February and we all went to Sherwood Forest Faire.  It was really fun and I think it will be better next time when the kids know what to expect. 

We saw a little show with the cast at the beginning.  Then as we walked around Jack and Maddy were made honorary knights and got little sword necklaces.  We saw the bird show, a puppet show, a parade and some other stuff.  We had planned to leave the park and do an early BBQ dinner, but the kids fell apart right at the end.  The Chocolate Fairy had given the kids each a special coin right at the beginning of the day and said if they found the Sweet Shoppe they could get a piece of candy.  Well it took us all damn day to find it and it was not worth that much time.  Other than that, it was a fun outting.

Maddy volunteered to get on stage during this magic show, she's awesome!

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