Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sweet Berry Farms Fall 2010

My parents and I took the kids to Sweet Berry Farms this weekend.  On the drive to Marble Falls I suddenly remembered how our last trip to SBF ended - with a lot of crying. 

There were LOTS of pumpkins in shapes and colors I have never seen.  They had a hayride, corn maze, pony rides and pumpkin painting, we didn't do any of that.   But we did get some pumpkins, ate homemade ice cream and the girls got their arms painted.

 Again - Maddy has to drive

 First time getting painted

He did have a good time, just not at this exact moment

We followed up SBF with lunch at McDonald's.  I don't know why I am always surprised when McDonald's doesn't go well, but this was a bad scene for us.  I rarely lay my head down on a table in public, this was one of those meals.   Why would McDonald's take 20 minutes to make 3 Happy Meals for the love of all things holy????

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