Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First Place Finish

10/10/10 - Pflugerville Pfamily Pfun Run at 10:10am.  The race was around Lake Pflugerville, with is just short of 3 miles, so we overlapped the route a little bit.  I was not feeling to pumped at the start.  Sometimes having too much time to think about running is a buzz kill.  Did I eat enough, or too much?  Did I drink enough water?  Do I have to pee again?  This was a race on the crushed gravel trail, so I situated myself at the front of the pack, that way I would not have to pass walkers and slow pokes on the narrow path.  The gun went off (air horn) and after a half mile I realized I was going a bit too fast - 7:10/mile.  I did slow down after that, by the time I finished I had nothing left.  I normally like to pick it up and dash to the finish, but that was not happening.  I finished in 24:08 - 1st place in my age group!  Yeah! Go! Me!  Jennifer finished 3rd and Christina 4th. 

My medal has joined my collection at work!

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