Thursday, October 7, 2010

State Fair of Texas 2010

 After touring the petting zoo (which was awesome - giraffes in a petting zoo!), the kids posed for a picture.  This was the best of the 15 photo series.  Gwen is being a Moose (not in the petting zoo)
 We toured the auto show portion of the fair and the kids loved climbing all over the cars.  Madeline insisted on doing all the driving.
 Handsome Jack
Handsome Jack begging for elephant ears.

The fair was a lot of fun and I am so glad my parents came with us.  The kids were great, even without naps and we will surely do it again in a couple of years.

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JennAventures said...

I like that Maddy is comfortable in the driver's seat. She doesn't need anyone to get her where she's going. This makes Auntie J very proud. Maybe in 15 years she'll go to a bra burning rally with me?