Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Letter to Madeline on Your First Birthday

August 29, 2009

Madeline – today is your first birthday.  I am having a hard time believing that you are no longer a baby, but a busy toddler.  You are curious, funny, proud, detailed and pushy (with Jack).  You have changed so much in a year I can hardly believe you are the same little person. 

It was not too long ago that we brought you home from the hospital, then took you back to the hospital, then brought you home again.  For 4 weeks you were quiet, and then you turned crazy.  I never knew what “colic” was before you came along, but I shudder to think of your crying and screaming that we could do nothing about.  We desperately asked the doctor for medication, which they gave us, but it didn’t do much good.  Eventually you grew out of it, but it was a rough couple of months. 

At 4 months you finally began to sleep better.  You had been sharing a room with us, and then with Jack, but slept much better when you got your own room for a few months.  Around 6 months you were starting to crawl and then sitting up on your own.  At 7 months you started holding your own bottle, which was really great for Daddy and me.  At 9 months you were a crawling fiend.  You and Jack would hang out in the hallway upstairs, laughing and giggling at the marvel of being mobile.  You quickly learned to stand up on your own and are now cruising on the furniture and pushing things around the room.  You will be walking by the end of September for sure.

Madeline, you can say “Mama”, “Dada”, and “Ball”.  You also clap your hands, wave and point.  You are learning to communicate, looking at us when you want help.  You have 6 teeth and seem to have gotten over your urge to bite Jack.  We have a little slide in the play room and you quickly figured out how to crawl up it.  Even when you can’t make it too the top, you slide down and laugh.  You don’t seem to get frustrated, you enjoy figuring it out.  We do need to work on sharing; you are always taking toys from Jack. Even though he is bigger than you, you have no problem crawling over and swiping whatever he is playing with.  Your favorite toy is the Wiggles Guitar.  You push the buttons to make music and look at Daddy and I waiting for us to dance.  Lately, you have been cuddling with us, putting your head on our shoulder, it is very cute. 

You are a good eater.  You like to feed yourself.  You like green beans and Rudy’s turkey, but usually eat everything on your tray.  You love to drop your cup on the floor, too.  You look right at us, and if we don’t say anything you DROP it.  So silly. 

I cannot wait to see what the year ahead brings us, but I am also enjoying every day with you as a 1 year old.  I am often sad to put away your baby clothes that you have outgrown, but excited that you are growing up and doing new and exciting things.  You are an amazing little person already, Madeline.  I love you dearly – Little Mills, Mad Dog, Maddy, Sweet Madeline.





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