Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Letter to Jack-Jack on Your First Birthday

August 29, 2009
Dearest Jack –
Wow, I cannot believe that you are already 1 year old! You have grown and changed so much. You started out at a 5.1lb, little, tiny baby. Now you are 22.4lbs, a big, tall boy. I can still remember finding out that you were a boy at our second ultrasound. Daddy and I were both excited to be having a boy. And once you arrived you were so sweet. You have a special charm and smile that attracts people, especially ladies! You spent two weeks in the hospital, mostly because you were too lazy to eat, but you figured it out. Once you got the hang of eating, you never stopped! You were a sweet baby, as long as you were fed, and seemed content to wait for attention (since your sisters were demanding attention all the time).
Because you were so smooshed in my tummy, your head was a little misshapen. You had to wear a helmet for about 8 weeks when you were 5 months old. You didn’t seem to mind at all. I would decorate it with stickers and put your name on it. You LOVED your therapist, Amy. She could always make you smile and you flirted with her all the time.
Jack, you are a sensitive baby. Whenever you are teething or sick you do not suffer in silence. You usually keep me up all night with you. It is very hard to reason with a baby, but I try to explain that Mommy needs sleep, you do not care. A few times I think you have been faking so that you can stay up with me and get special time with Mommy. I know because as soon as I pick you up you stop crying and get excited. You get a devilish little grin on your face too. The past few weeks you have been VERY attached to me. You cry if I leave the room and follow me. If you catch up, you grab onto my legs. If you can’t find me, you lie down on the floor and weep. It is very dramatic!
Your favorite toy is the Animal Train that plays music and rolls across the floor. You really love to get under the kitchen table and move the chairs around the room. When you figure out how to climb onto those chairs we will be in trouble. You push anything that you can; boxes, bins, cars, and furniture. You are so tall that you can reach onto the table now. Nothing is safe from your reach, especially not the remote control.
You love your sisters and your Daddy. You like to watch Gwen rough house with Dad, I bet you can’t wait to join the ruckus. You are very sweet to Madeline, even though she swipes toys from you. You are learning to be a bit more aggressive though, yesterday you pushed her right off the slide. One of your favorite activities is when Daddy carries you in the front carrier. You go for walks, looking for golf balls in the neighborhood. You also enjoy eating! You complain about what we give you, but if you like something you will eat until there is nothing left.
Jack-Jack, Jackalope, Jackaroo, you are a sweet little boy. I am sad that you are no longer a little baby, but so excited to see you growing into a toddler. I love you very much and want to give you a big squeeze right now! Happy Birthday Jack!
Love, Mommy!

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