Sunday, August 16, 2009

Picture Day!

We had the kids' pictures taken this weekend by Naomi at Pitter Patter Photos. It was an exhausting 90 minutes. I thought I had brilliantly scheduled it at a time after the babies had a nap, but Jr threw off my plans by sleeping in very late and not napping before we left. And, if I haven't mentioned before, Jr is... sensitive. Ok, a cry baby. G was her obstinate self. Only MadDog cooperated at all. Ah well, she got some good shots anyway, which is all I really wanted. These pics are our first preview.


Christy said...

cute pics!

Renee said...

Give him a break! He has TWO sisters for cryin' out loud. Those are SO cute. I am going to her on Thursday with one of 15 mom's groups! I am looking forward to meeting her!