Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July Updates



49. Potty training complete! Took about 3 weeks of persistence, but she is a champ!

60. Baby proofing phase 122.  John put cabinet locks on the kitchen cabinets, which really frustrated J & M, but doesn’t keep them out of the kitchen.  All the door stoppers have been removed from the house as they love to play with them and take off the little rubber ends.  But there are still lots of little things, mostly G’s toys, that are still out and need to be hidden away for awhile.

37. Make healthy meals 4x week.  I don’t know about healthy, but I am getting better at planning meals for the week and leaving my plan out so I can prepare the night before. 

101. Something I am afraid to do?!  Looks like zip line tour it is!  Thanks to Monica for suggesting it long ago when I started this list.

63. Tracking spending.  J Sr has been giving me some crap lately about my spending.  I used to pay all the bills but transitioned that responsibility to him last summer, so I don’t see everything like I used to.  I have decided that I will report all my spending to John on a daily or weekly basis, categorize all the credit card expenses so we can track it and make a list of “Want to Buy” purchases.  Anything that I want to buy other than necessities (groceries, medicine) needs to be on the list for at least 30 days before I buy it.

93. Beat 10k PR.  I plan to run the IBM 10k in October, so I might be able to cross this off my list.  Before this week I was pretty consistent about running 4xweek, but haven’t had many weeks running over 20 miles total.  I don’t know how much earlier I can get up in the morning to add more miles!

84. See a play, so Dora and the Wiggles count?  I think so.  That Wiggles show was great!



I find myself stuck at home this week, the girls have the flu and can’t go back to school until Monday.  I have help, but it is hard to get much done.  When you’re sick, you just want MOMMY!  It is flattering and I’m glad that the babies are so bonded to me, but it is also exhausting.  I have found myself buried under a pile of kids several times this week when everyone wants a piece of me. 



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Renee said...

I am proud of you! I need to do the whole meal planning bit. I do the spending tracking - it sucks to see how much you actually spend on nothing!