Saturday, December 8, 2007

#103 Complaining Challenge

I saw and read about this. Can you go 21 days without complaining?

"If you catch yourself complaining, you take [the bracelet] and you move it to the other wrist," Will says. "The idea is to ultimately keep it [on the same wrist] for 21 days." Will chose this length of time, he says, because scientists believe it takes that long to form a new habit.

Will believes if everyone would stop complaining, the world would be a much better place. "[I think] everybody agrees the world is not the way we would like it to be. I wonder if there's some relation between the two."
Will says he has seen positive results in the people who took on his challenge. "When they can eradicate complaining from their lives, they truly become happier," Will says. "It's like if you're not articulating the complaint, if your complaint has nowhere to go, your mind stops creating the complaint."

If you want to know the difference between a comment and a complaint, Will says to pay attention to your feelings about the issue. "If you're putting a lot of energy into it, if you want it changed, you're complaining," he says.

An article I read also had a good point, complaining keeps you from doing anything about fixing the problem. We often complain to let off some steam, release some pressure and then feel better. But how often have you complained about the same thing - over and over again and never do anything to change the problem? Maybe if some of that steam was bottled up you would be motivated enough to do something about it!

I am going to start this today. I don't think I complain that much, but I bet once I start I will shocked by how often I catch myself doing it. Let the games begin!


John said...

good luck with that

JJ said...


My list is done...and this isn't on it...I was tempted to make an honorable mention list on my site for stuff I'd like to do but couldn't make the list 'cause I had to narrow it down (yeah there's that much I want to do) so...I might just make that honorable mention list...LOL.

JJ said...