Monday, December 17, 2012

Sad Thoughts

I feel a little weird posting anything light-hearted or running related after what happened on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary.  While the exact events are still unclear, the details reported Friday have changed multiple times, the end result was horrific.  I had seen the news reports while at lunch, but had Maddy with me so I purposely did not watch or listen to the news.  I spent the afternoon buying gifts for kids at the Texas Baptist Children's home with some co-workers - time well spent.  It wasn't until I got home that I brought up and started reading about what happened.  Just reading the reports was paralyzing and sickening.  My heart aches for the families that lost dear loved ones and the entire community that will forever be changed.  I stayed up late reading updates and then crept up to my kids' bedrooms near tears.  Every night I check on my kids before going to bed but Friday night I stayed by their sides for a long time.  Saturday they were straight up annoyed with me for hugging, kissing and petting them all morning while trying not to cry.

Some reads:
I Am Adam Lanza's Mother: from
President Obama's speech at the prayer vigil:

The Heroes of Sandy Hook:

The victims of Friday's tragedy:

There are quite a few people on my prayer list lately, friends and family going through hard times.  I am adding the families of the victims to that list.  Please be thoughtful and kind this holiday season and thankful for all you have.  It could all change in a heartbeat, a split second, a sharp intake of breath.  It is easy, simple even, to take the normal days for granted, to get annoyed by the small stuff.  But it's the small stuff that makes up our days.

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