Friday, December 14, 2012

Round Rock Reindeer Rotary Run Race Report (or Rx7)

December 2nd was the opening of the Round Rock Holiday Light display at Old Settler's Park.  The park had a kids k, 5k and family fun run.  I registered the family to participate and planned to 'run' the race with them - NOT RACE - since it was 1 week before the marathon.

Sunday was a crazy day.  Gwen has church school right in the middle of the day and we were putting up Christmas decorations.  Before I knew it it was 4pm and we needed to get going.  When we got there, there were still about 50 people waiting to register, I don't think I've ever seen so many same day registrations.  But the kids k only started about 10 minutes late.  John followed Gwen, who ran the whole way.  I ran with Jack and Maddy and they did a great job.  We walked a little, but they were really excited to run on their own. 

Then it was time for the 5k.  I debated not even getting my chip, this looked like it might be a cluster of people with strollers and large groups.  I was afraid the kids might not make it through the whole thing and we'd have to bail.  But John encouraged me to get the chip and run it hard, he'd take the kids and meet me at the end.  So I did.  And I didn't have my running watch and was wearing the long sleeve race T, not my usual 'race gear'.  I ended up taking my shirt OFF and running in my sports bra, a first for me!  When the race started I just RAN.  I had no idea how fast I was going.  But it felt good.  Nothing hurt.  If anything I was just hot (it was 70 degrees).  It was an out and back course and at the turn around point there weren't many women in front of me.

The last half my only problem was keeping my lungs full of air and trying not to trip in the dark.  I came in at 21:38, a new 5k PR.  I was the second women in my age group, but the first woman was also in my age group and took the overall female prize, so I got first in AG place.  I walked the course backwards to find John and the kids and they were having a great time.  Probably they had a better time without me since mommy's presence tends to create drama. 

It was a late night for the Mills, but overall a really fun time.  And it made me feel more confident about the marathon 1 week later.

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