Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Eve with the Mills

We spent the Christmas holidays at home in Texas this year.  I volunteered to work the week of Christmas (since I was gone for Thanksgiving) so traveling would have been extra challenging. 

Christmas Eve we hung out at home.  I got to go for an early run.  After I showered I heard urgent pounding on the bathroom door.  "MOM WE NEED TO MAKE COOKIES SANTA!!!!!!!!"  So we got right to work.  Maddy helped to make sugar cookies and Gwen helped with the M&M bars.

We went to church in the afternoon then headed home for dinner.  My sister had already started dinner, so I finished up.  We had a pretty traditional meal, for my sister and I at least.  Ham, perogies, potato pancakes, cranberry sauce, canned peaches (my Grandma's fruit choice), rolls and wine. 

We then gathered around the TV to watch a Muppet Christmas Carol.  The kids were so tired by the end of the night they happily went to bed.  Jenna and I stayed up to watch Love Actually and John wrapped gifts for a couple of hours. 

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