Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Austin Half Marathon: Race Report

Start time: 7am
Weather: about 47 degrees, sunny, slight cool breeze
Course: effing hilly
Crowd support: Excellent!
Volunteers: Excellent

After the wheel chairs started, the runners surged forward to the start line.  I dumped my sweatshirt and stayed next to the 8:00/mile pace group.  First goal was to beat my previous time of 1:50.  My next goal was to beat 1:45. My plan was to do 8:00/mile for the first 6 and see how I felt, hoping to go faster the last half.  I totally did not do that and did the opposite instead.  I also messed up my watch at the start, so I lost about .3 miles from the first mile.

Mile 1: 7:47/mile
Mile 2: 7:29
Mile 3: 7:59

At this point I'm really annoyed that I signed up to do this race.  Running on South Congress is slightly uphill and I'm kind of 'meh'. 

Mile 4: 8:17 - see, not feeling it here

Mile 5: 7:54

Ok, time to Gu and head back North.  I'm starting to feel better, but not great.

Mile 6: 7:53
Mile 7: 7:41
Mile 8: 7:57

My left knee is starting to hurt and I am trying to ignore it.

Mile 9: 7:53 - one more Gu and lots of water
Mile 10: 7:58

Coming up on mile 11, my knee really hurts.  I consider walking but I don't think that will really help, cause I'm a stubborn ass.  I get to my favorite Eminem song "Lose Yourself".  At this point the marathon splits to the left and half goes right.  I am SO glad I get to go right, even though I know I have 2 hills ahead of me.

Mile 11: 8:16

Slowing down.  I do stop to stretch my knee in here.  It helps a little but its a weird place to stretch.  I know I need to ice and beat it up with the foam roller.  The giant hill looms over me and I grit my teeth to run up it. 

Mile 12: 8:28

More slowing down.

Mile 13: 7:47

All of the sudden I'm close to the finish.  Wow-wee!

Mile .25: 6:42

Official time: 1:44:57, Average 8:01/mile.

My stomach feels sort of yucky and I'm fricking freezing now.  Note for next time: use the gear check for warm clothes at the finish.  I get to our designated meeting spot and wait for my ladies, checking the Livestrong app for updates on their times.  Everyone did great!!  I'm so proud of my friends and glad that I have someone to enjoy the experience with. Cause this shit would suck without them!

I went home and did the ice bath thing, took some ibuprofen and headed to Rio Grande for a margarita.