Monday, February 20, 2012

Austin Half Marathon - Race Prep

I spent the past week hydrating, trying not to eat Girl Scout cookies, trying not to eat all the kids Valentine candy, going to bed early-ish and mentally preparing for the Austin 1/2 Marathon on Sunday.  I was hydrated at least.  Jennifer and I were feeling pretty cocky when we signed up for this back on December 31 but did not prepare for the hills of Austin as much as I would like.

Saturday Christina and I went to the expo early and picked up our packets without a problem.  I got an long sleeve Austin 13.1 tee.  Then I took the opportunity to stop at Lululemon and got a new pair of my favorite shorts and a super cute pink jacket.  DAMN YOU LULULEMON!

Jennifer hosted a spaghetti dinner at her house.  Thanks to our lovely hostess!  Monica made a delicious sauce for the perfect pre-race dinner.  The kids disappeared into the playroom and we enjoyed chatting around the dinner table.

After getting the kids home to bed I laid out all my race gear: short sleeved shirt, bra, shorts, socks, hat and Body Glide.  Bib & pins, shoes and chip timer.  Hydration pack, 2 Gu's, tissue, iPod, sunglasses, chap-stick and gloves.  Throw away sweatshirt, extra long sleeve shirt and flip flops for after the race.  Breakfast I planned for a bagel thin, peanut butter and coffee.  Plus a pre-race Gatorade.  Whew - what a load of crap to pack!  I painted my nails purple and tried to relax before bed.

4:30 (yes 4:30) came quick, I got dressed quickly and ate breakfast.  The girls picked me up and Jennifer drove us downtown.  We parked, debated if we were wearing the right clothes (too warm/too cold) and headed to the starting area for one last potty break.  Jennifer and I tried to find our Blog buddy Mom Swim Bike Run but no luck in the crowded starting area.  After wishing everyone good luck, I went up to the 8:00/mile starting area.  I tried not to freeze my ass off waiting for the start, and soon enough it was go time!

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