Sunday, November 14, 2010

Count down

Things I'm counting down to:

Thanksgiving - also coincides with our first family vacation in about 18 months, several hours in the car, turkey and my birthday.  I'm counting down to this with excitement and trepidation. 

Christmas - really going to try not to go overboard this year for the kids, but I have a hard time being frugal when it comes to my kids.  My sister will be spending the holiday with us if she can tear herself away from the cat (seriously).  Aunt Jenna has also procured tickets to take Gwen to her first ballet - The Nutcracker.  We know that she will love it!  And of course this time of year brings all the holiday decorations, movies, cookies and traditions that I love!

New Year's Day - I'm working on my "Happiness Project" plan that will start January 1.

Austin 1/2 Marathon - races are fun!

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JennAventures said...

Ummm, need I remind you that at one point you had a hamster named ZOOEY that you bought a huge cage for and used to travel with? I don't have a man or kids, so if I choose to hurdle my spare energy into giving Ari (who is very sweet and loving) an extra cuddle every now and then is that so bad? I'm racked with guilt over leaving him for two weeks.