Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5 - Gwendolyn's World

Gwen is all girl. Currently, her favorite thing to do is play with dolls. She dresses them, arranges the furniture, and the princesses throw parties. Every day Princess Tiana has a party. Either a birthday party, or a thank you party. Gwen will spend hours in her room enjoying her dolls.

She really likes for me to play with her, but I have to admit it is boring as hell. I like to make up my own stories for the dolls, which I keep to myself.

Belle and the Beast are having an arguement over what to do with this horrible pumpkin the fairy Godmother gave them. Ariel is listening through the wall because she is after the Beast.

The fairy Godmother is really terrible, and has hung these mice over the girl's bed to terrify her. Dopey is the Godmother's lackey.

Well, it seems pretty obvious that Prince Navin is getting lucky tonight, if he hasn't already.


JennAventures said...

This is awesome!

JennAventures said...

Do you remember we didn't have a house so at least and hour would be spent arranging everything-then reenacting elements of young and the restless.

Deeply twisted.