Tuesday, August 17, 2010

101 Update - Successes and Failures

101 List - Fail 32, Complete 66, Sort of Complete but Still Working 7.  I kind of like that I failed at some of these, that means the list was a challenge.  But I am disappointed in some of the items that I didn't do, so expect to see them on my next list. 


2. Give up soda for 40 days (complete 2/10) - Totally back on the caffiene wagon
5. No swearing (anything I would not want Gwen to repeat) - Easy!
8. Think before speaking (including when drinking) - I don't drink to excess anymore, so naturally this is easier
15. Ask for help when I need it (complete 9/27/08)
17. Volunteer at a race - Complete Hawk Hustle 5k 3/1/08
18. Volunteer for Prom Shop - complete 3/8/08 and 3/2010
19. Identify 100 things that make me happy - I think I got my list up to 70 or 80
20. Have date nights with John (28/33) - Success! Maybe not as many as we'd like, but babysitting is expensive
22. Read 2 Oprah's book club books (Anna Karenina and The Reader done 5/09)
24. Read 3 books that Jenna picks out for me (1 complete 12/22, 1 complete 7/20, 1 complete 10/15)
26. Watch AFI’s top 100 movies (2)
28. Take pictures every week
30. (PRIVATE) ( )
32. Floss every day
33. Use the electric tooth brush
34. Put crème on my face & neck every night
35. Get waxed (eyebrows 4/09, other area 2009 - hurt like hell)
37. Make healthy meals 4 times per week - maybe not all healthy, but weekday dinners are always at home
38. Bake once a month (112/33)
40. Use all the fun kitchen appliances and tools that I have (bread maker, pie pans, cheese cake pan, food processor, slow cooker, cookbooks)
42. Start an herb garden (and keep it alive) (basil and oregano summer 2010)
43. Use fresh herbs for cooking (oh did this 7/13/09 and summer 2010)
45. Use up majority of food in pantry, fridge and freezer and reorganize (5/09)
46. Read to Gwen every day
47. Help Gwendolyn get off the pacifier (holy shit, Complete! 3/09)
48. Help Gwendolyn into a toddler bed (Complete 9/08)
49. Potty train Gwendolyn (complete 7/09!)
50. Store unused baby stuff until needed (clothes & toys) (done as of 7/10)
51. Get pregnant - with a boy (complete 4/28/08)
52. Have baby’s room ready 1 month before due date (Complete, but not on time)
53. Nurse new baby for 12 weeks (or pump) (6 months)
54. Get new baby on a schedule (done x 2)
55. Find a babysitter in the neighborhood (done, but always on the lookout for more)
56. Save $5000 for redecorating a new house - now to actually decorate!
57. Save for 20% down payment on a new house
58. Buy and move into a new home (Complete)
59. Sell current home (Complete 6/12)
60. Baby proof the new house (over)
61. Have a covered back patio (Complete)
62. Have a backyard we can hang out in (stuff for Gwen to do, relaxing atmosphere)(I can’t take any credit for this one, but we have a pretty cool playscape for the kids to play on now – thanks to John)
64. Pay off vehicle(s) (1 Complete 9/08)
65. Update 401K and IRA investments yearly (2/3)
66. Clean out closets and donate clothes to charity every 6 months (4/5)
69. Buy new black and brown boots (11/30/07)
71. Buy/Sell something on Craig’s List or Ebay (complete 6/08)
72. Buy a new Christmas tree (11/30/07)
73. Take a vacation with John (3/14/08)
74. Take a vacation with Jenna (Boston 4/08, Bahamas 1/10)
75. Take a family vacation (1 down 6/09)
77. Take Gwendolyn camping (John took her 5/10, I'll call it sorta done)
78. Take Gwendolyn to a theme park (Sea World, big zoo, Disney) (12/27/07 Disney)(2/17/08 Waco Zoo)(6/08 Sea World)
80. Finish this GD list
81. Take a class in something creative (Renee's card class 11/10)(Painting with a Twist 2/2010)
82. Take a fitness class (yoga)
83. Go to a museum (Boston 4/12/08)
84. See a play (done, Mommy saw Dora and the Wiggles 8/09)
85. Start holiday traditions (make Christmas cookies with Gwen, see the Zilker park tree and lights, Easter egg hunt)
89. 20 minutes of physical activity every day (as of 7/2010 running 2-3 times per week and at least one day or working out at home)
94. Keep weight under 140
95. If pregnant – loose the baby weight again (Complete 11/08)
96. Cancel one of my magazine subscriptions (currently at 7) (Complete - no more Rachael Ray)
99. Get Promoted (3/14/08)
100. Blog about the list
101. Do something that I am afraid to do (Zip Line complete Nov 09, Circus Aerials 5/10)
104. Get the flu shot (done 10/08, and 10/09)

Working - but not fully complete
11. Pray - ongoing
12. Be present in the moment - ongoing
13. Be thankful for 3 things every day - ongoing
14. Be positive about changes, look for the good - ongoing
27. Catch up on photo albums (as of 5/6 Gwen’s is updated through 2 years and I am 4 months into Jack and Madeline's)
67. Return things that don't work out
68. Only buy clothes that flatter me

1. TV fast, no TV for one week a quarter (0/11) - just don't care
3. Gossip fast
4. Eating out fast for 40 days (this is ridiculous)
7. Never eat after 8pm (unless drinking) (failure!)
9. Go to church once a month (7/33) - total fail, but still a goal
10. Read the bible every day for a month
16. Volunteer at church
21. Join a book club - just couldn't make the time for another montly outting
23. Read 2 books that John likes - boring!
25. Read 3 books that my Mom picks out for me
29. Call family 1/month (excludes Mom & Jenna) (29/33) - need to do this more
31. (PRIVATE) (1/11)
36. Get a new karaoke song
39. Drink 8 glasses of water every day -full coffee all the time
41. Compile a list of easy meals that I can rely on - Its started, but not to the point I want
44. No partially hydrogenated oils for 1 week - meh
63. Download all my credit card usage into MS Money and keep it up to date (totally gave to John)
70. Buy energy efficient light bulbs - meh
76. Take a girls trip - had a girls day, but not a full out trip
79. Finish the Christmas stocking - I hate that stocking
86. Buy and complete a crossword puzzle book (in progress 12/25/07)
87. Clean off my desk once a month (5/33) (Back on the list)
88. File bills once a month (7/33) (this is John’s job now)
90. Complete a Bike race - still a goal
91. Complete a Triathlon - still a goal
92. Beat 5k PR (23:36) - still a goal
93. Beat 10K PR (51:10) - still a goal
97. Make new connections, network
98. Keep my resume updated (1/5)
102. Do something with all my race t-shirts before they take over all the space in my dresser
103. Go 21 consecutive days without complaining
105. Read some books on the top 100 novels list (read some, but not during the 101)

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Your Very Own Fairy Godmother said...

This update made me smile, laugh, groan, and shake my head. Thanks for sharing! (And if you want more recipes, I started a digital file several years ago when I created a small "family" cookbook for a cousin who was getting married. It's morphed and is massive, but I love it. The deal is, you have to make recommendations, tell how you changed recipes, tell me what worked and what didn't. Then, I'll "update it" every year at Christmas.)