Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I Could Miss in 5 Years

Feeling the baby kick
Planning for the baby
Tiny baby clothes (so cute!)
Tiny baby feet
Tiny baby hands
Holding a tiny baby on my chest while it sleeps, even when its sort of uncomfortable
Having people be really nice because I'm pregnant or dealing with an infant
Getting to name someone
Meeting my baby, those first few moments are amazing
Watching a baby figure out how to roll over, crawl, sit up
Seeing a babies cute facial expressions as they experience the world
The second night of sleeping through the night (the first time scares the shit out of me)
Holding a baby that is only 7 or 8 pounds (vs 30)
Figuring out the secret to getting the baby to stop crying
Wrapping the baby in a towel after bath
Being identified as Mommy, not just the current person feeding the baby
First smile
Baby laughs
A happy baby
Cute little hats
Getting that baby to sleep, backing away slowly and getting to eat/shower/sleep

Don't get me wrong - I have had more than enough baby action to last me until I'm an Aunt or Grandma. I just thought I should be fair and point out that there are good things about infants.


Christina said...

I like this post...your things you WONT MISS scare me

Moni said...

That almost sounds like baby fever - except for the won't miss post... THOUGH at the same time its all a trade off, right?

Tina, that means you better get on it. :P

JennAventures said...

I'm glad you haven't written me off as barren crazy aunt jenna by implying that you will be an aunt again.