Monday, July 19, 2010

Race Report - Caleb 5k 7/17/10

I signed up for this race after realizing I was 1 month from the end of my 101 time and decided I should attempt to beat my 5k PR. Then I looked up my PR - 23:36, geez. I quickly realized there was a slim chance of improving my time by more than 30 seconds per mile, but too late. The 1st Caleb 5k in Wellsbranch started at the Shoreline church and wound its way through the neighborhood. I was hot and humid. Over 1000 people ran or walked this race, which is amazing for a first time race.
Mile 1 - awesome
Mile 2 - uh oh, feeling like I may have started out too fast
Mile 3 - up hill, really fighting to stay under 8:30 miles
last .1 - gah!
Finished with a time of 24:35! Not a PR but still awesome. First in my age group and 5th female overall. Only bummer was waiting around for the awards, they had a great band and lots of activities, but 90 minutes is a freaking long time to kill. Then they only gave out awards for the top 3 finishers by age group, not by gender so I didn't even get an award. BULLSH.

I would definitely do this race again. North, cheap and mostly organized.

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