Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Birthday Report: Gwen is FOUR!

I tell myself that I will post when I can add pictures, then never get around to it, so I will just add them later (if ever). My baby Gwendolyn is 4 years old! She had a great birthday weekend.

Saturday - birthday party day. We invited Gwen's class, teachers, neighbors, family and friends with kids her age. In the end we had about 14 kids and their parents, which was a nice turn out. We had a Princess theme, but included frogs and knights so that the boys would not be grossed out by all the pink. The kids decorated crowns and shields with stickers and jewels. John got an awesome dragon pinata that was bigger than Gwen and they stuffed it with candy the night before. The kids each got a couple turns trying to break it open, then John finally had to slay it. After that we had pizza and cake, and moved on to opening presents. 4 year old kids LOVE opening presents and watching anyone else open presents. The suspense of what is in the package is almost too much to take. There was a large pile of preschoolers on the floor and a whirlwind of tissue paper. Finally Gwen's teacher Miss. Mia took charge and got all the kids to sit down and handed Gwen the gifts one by one. Thank goodness! This is about the same time Jack and Maddy normally nap, so they were going bananas. Gwen got a lot of very nice gifts and was super excited to play right away, of course we didn't let her open anything (ha!).

After the hordes left, our babysitter helped John clean up and I got to spend some time with my cousin Michelle and her kids. Gwen and Emma played very nicely and Cody had a good time playing with Jack and Maddy's toys while they napped. Gwen spent the rest of the day opening her new toys and playing with each one.

Sunday was Gwen's actual birthday. John presented her with a new 'Snow White' bike, new helmet and safety gear. She was excited, but a little nervous to ride it. We went to lunch at Rudy's to celebrate, one of our favorite places to eat. While Jack and Maddy napped, Gwen got to open the rest of her gifts. I felt a little bad not including them, but this gave Gwen a chance to take her time and really enjoy opening her gifts without worrying about anything being touched or opened.

It was a great birthday weekend! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate Gwendolyn's special day.

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