Tuesday, November 20, 2007

#13 Things to be Thankful for

My intention at some point is to have a gratitude journal where I also keep track of #19. But until that time, there are a couple things I am especially grateful for today.

Gwendolyn - even though she pooped in the tub, and freaked when I tried to put her on the potty, she is all around delightful. I just love when she streaks to the bedroom after her bath, grabs her blankie, throws it on the floor and then gets down to cuddle with it. The pure joy is priceless.

Oprah - John assumed that the idea for this list came from Oprah, but it was all Monica! I admit its a very Oprah thing to do and she inspires me to do and think differently about many things. She is a role model for women as someone who lives "their best life". But I don't know that I would take any weight loss tips from her (she's on an up swing again).

Physical fitness - I haven't been able to run for the past couple weeks due to a minor injury. I really, really miss it and it is starting to effect my mood (read: bitchy). I ran for 14 minutes today and it... was... awesome. That stationary bike hurts my butt.

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Monski said...

Don't we all know? Oprah and I are TIGHT! :P

I think those are very good things to be thankful for - just wait until tomorrow!