Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What to Pack for a 2 Day Relay

Last TIR related post for awhile.  This is for posterity IF I ever need it again, which I surely will.  Tuesday after TIR I found myself making a list of all the things we packed and what we should have packed.  This is the list I will use next time compiled from the TIR recommendations and our own experience.

At least 2 flashlights or headlamps.
At least 2 reflective vests or belts.
LED blinking lights
Vehicles (not to exceed 22 feet in length)
IDs for team members.
Stop watches, clipboard, pens
Coolers (2/van)
Cell phones
Trash bags
Hand sanitizer
Markers for decorating van

First Aid Kit (per van) includes:
    sunscreen, bug spray, after bite, ibuprofen/advil, tylenol, various bandaids, neosporin, Tums, ziploc bags for ice packs,
    Baby wipes, spray bottles, or some other creative washing method
    team toilet paper
    Picnic blanket, tarp, and maybe even club tent for finish line area.

Information Binder (per van)
    Maps (course maps, Houston, and Texas road maps)
    Leg assignment sheet (with approximate start/finish times, relay exchange points)
    Team member phone numbers of both vans
    Emergency contact list for all team members

Water guns?
Van Decorations

    Extras of the required items an individual may want to bring
        reflective vest, blinkies, flashlight, headlamp, etc.
    Phone & car charger
    Watch or GPS watch (and charger if necessary)
Running Stuff   
    Cap or visor
    An extra pair of running shoes
    3-4 sets of running clothes (1/leg + 1): socks/shorts/bra/shirt/hat
    Plastic bags for damp clothing
    Water bottle (2)
    Cell phone carrier/waist pouch?
Other Clothes   
    Sleeping clothes & dry clothes for between runs
    Sandals or flip flops for between runs
    Sleeping bag/blanket, pillow
    Towels (2 to dry off & sit on after running, 1 after showering)
Misc    Toiletries: tooth brush, tooth paste, deodarant, BODY GLIDE, soap, shampoo
    Money for meals, etc.
    Frogg Togg (ice wrap for neck)
    ipod/head phones (not for running)
    sleep mask
    Ear plugs
    Anything special that you HAVE to have on trips or runs. Epi pen? Meds? Inhaler?

Food list for the team
    Ice (2-3 bags per van to start)
    cooler of ice/van
    cooler for food/van
    Bins/boxes for food (to keep from sliding around and for easy access)
    Plastic utensils
    Big plastic cups for ice/water dumping on runners
    1-2 gallons of water per person
    White bread
    peanut butter
    turkey lunch meat
    sliced cheese
    pickles (for salt!)
    fruit: clementine oranges, pears, apples, bananas
    Energy bars/granola bars
    Pasta salad (bowls/forks)
    Candy (non-melty)

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