Monday, April 2, 2012

Cap 10k Race Report

March 25th was the 35th annual Capitol 10k in Austin.  Jennifer, Christina and I had signed up months ago with early bird registration.  We tried to train together for this one when we could.  I followed my Focus N Fly training plan for a 5k/10k race.  It definitely paid off for me.  I drove Jennifer, Christina and Jonathon down to the race extra early.  This is one of the biggest 10K's in the state and we knew parking and logistics would be a challenge.  We got there so early we had at least an hour to kill.  As it turns out we were lucky, many people were not able to get into their corrals or even make it to the start on time.

Jennifer and I got to start behind the elites this year.  It was a little intimidating, but so worth it to start toward the front of the pack and not bob and weave the first 3 miles.  The start time was 9am and it was already getting warm.

Mile 1- 7:26
Mile 2- 7:38
Mile 3- 7:40
Mile 4- 7:22
Mile 5- 7:24
Mile 6- 7:31
.25- 6:33

Total (by Garmin) 6.25 miles, 46:38minutes, 7:28/mile
Total (by chip time) 6.2 miles, 47:01, 7:34/mile

A PR 1 minute 31 seconds!  I raced hard and was excited to hit my goal time.

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