Friday, January 29, 2010

Confident on the Inside

From Kristen Armstrong's Blog :

"Confident on the Inside means - You are wise enough to accept God’s definition of who you are, and you are strong enough not to accept counterfeit messages. You know your own beauty and are grateful for it, never needing to promote or pollute it. You possess awareness of your talents, as well as the humility and generosity to share them. You can say 'Yes' and 'No' with equal certainty. You live and love big – never needing to play small or belittle others. You can say 'thank you' to a compliment as easily as you can say 'Forgive me' or 'I forgive you' to a mistake. Confident on the Inside means that you feel so comfortable in your own skin that your very presence is an invitation to freedom for others. Confident on the inside knows no age."

"I want my girls to see me out on a race course, both sucking wind and struggling as well as flying across the finish line. I want them to see me shake off my shy and get up in front of a room full of people and talk about the things that matter so much to me that I am willing to offer a piece of myself in the hopes that they might matter to someone else. I want them to see me eat and enjoy food – with the appetite of a woman who prefers to push rather than deprive. I want them to see me try new things – fail at some and fall in love with others. I want them to go on adventures with me. I want to be a team. I want them to know what it means to put your heart out there, all of it, and be happy with that, regardless of how it is received."

"We have to live it out, ladies." " ...we have to be willing to be seen if we want to earn the relationship to be understood. If our lips are moving, but our actions don’t match – we become a badly dubbed foreign film, without the benefit of subtitles."

"We show young women how to be confident on the inside by first being confident on the inside ourselves."

- Kristen Armstrong

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