Tuesday, December 9, 2008

54. Get new baby on a schedule

Make that "Get new babIES on a schedule". Well, after a few weeks of misery trying to force the little ones into what I thought was the perfect schedule, we decided put up the white flag and surrender to the children. The first of many battles we will lose. We had a great schedule for Gwendolyn and I just thought that was what all babies needed to do. It turns out, babies can be very different and they will tell you how pissed of they are when they want to nap at different times and eat 8 times a day. It doesn't matter that they just ate 2 hours ago or that they haven't slept in a millenia - let them do what they want!

After our surrender, things have gone much better. On the weekends we can actually get out of the house with everybody from 10am-12:30pm to run errands and go to lunch while the twins sleep in their car seats. They still eat 7 times a day, but we are thinking they could make it through the night if we really pushed them. But, it is working out ok when Maddy wakes up at 4am to eat, then I just stay up after feeding her and start my day.

As a side night, it is raining like a M-Fer outside and just sounds COLD and nasty. Brrr....

I won't mark this as complete until they are sleeping through the night (10pm - 6am), but we are making good progress at least.

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