Wednesday, October 8, 2008

48. Help Gwendolyn into a toddler bed

Saturday John was gone all day so I had 3 kids all to myself - all day. It was actually a good day. Fortunately, Gwen was easy on me and that was a huge help. I had planned to start potty training this weekend but chickened out.

Saturday evening I put Gwendolyn to bed. As we head up to her room she said "Gwen sleep in big girl bed." (she talks in the third person) Even though getting her in the big bed is our goal, I was not at all mentally prepared to start that night. I knew I would need to watch her on the video monitor and make sure she didn't get out of the bed herself. So I said "No, not tonight Gwen." She insisted and climbed into the bed. ~Sigh~ Ok, I did not want to pass up a good opportunity. So I explained that she had to stay in the bed and got all the bed buddies and set her up. Then I stood outside the door for a few minutes to see what she did and then watched on the video monitor. She had a hard time falling asleep, tossed and turned for about an hour but she never got out of the bed. YEAH! Honestly, I was shocked. In the morning she even waited for John to get her out of bed.

Sunday nap time did not go as well and she ended up in the crib after an hour of playing in the bed, but she never got out on her own. Monday and Tuesday night she slept in the bed just fine. Tuesday night John said she did fall out at one point, so he has to move the bed rail. She sleeps all over the bed so it may be an ongoing issue.

I am not saying this is complete, she could boycott the bed, but we are off to a good start.

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