Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marathon training 2 week wrap up

Monday 10/22 - Threshold run, 7.25 total, 1:02:09, 8:34/mile avg
      warm up, 3 miles at 7:45 pace, 5 sprints, cool down
Tuesday rest day
Wednesday 5.25 miles, 50:03 total, 9:32/mile avg
Thursday took an unscheduled rest day
Friday warm up run, 2.5 miles, 21:37 total, 8:39/mile avg
Saturday Chosen Half Marathon: 13.20 miles, 1:40:54, 7:39/mile avg
Monday Rest day
Tuesday Rest day
Wednesday 6.15 miles, 58:01 total, 9:26/mile avg - with Jennifer!
Thursday 5.20miles, 46:47 min total, 9:00/mile avg - with Jennifer
        warm up, 6 x .25mile sprints in 1:41min, cool down
Friday 6.17 miles, 57:23 total, 9:18/mile avg - with Jennifer
Saturday long run 10.00 miles, 1:30:48 total, 9:05/mile avg
Sunday rest

Closed out October with 27.52 miles this week, 175.45 miles for the month and 1132.47 miles for the year to date.  Is that right?  I might need to check some math.

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