Monday, April 25, 2011


Saturday I was in a bad mood.  Just crabby crabby crabby.  The kids were driving me bananas and it seemed like anything I tried to get us all in a better mood failed miserably.  I tried to get everyone dancing, Jack was clearly annoyed and Gwen cried because I wouldn't "freeze dance."  I tried having a tea party and Maddy refused to come upstairs on her own two feet, so cried on the bottom step for 15 minutes.  I made everyone attempt a nap and then left for a workout.  I could have taken a nap, too, but decided the workout would make me feel better about all the bad food I knew I'd be eating later.

I did my first Bike/Run workout and actually rode my bike for the first time in months.  It was 90 degrees and windy but the bike part felt good.  I did about 6 miles in 34 minutes, around the neighborhood.  After the bike I drank some water, ate a shot block and then did a 3 mile loop.  My legs felt like lead, I was struggling hard and was sure I must be doing 12 minute miles, which was ok given the heat and already riding the bike. But I was actually doing 8:30/mile.  I was in a weird cadence where I could either walk or run fast and could not change my pace.  I finished the 3 miles but it was killer.  I would have rather done 10min/mile and gone a little longer.

Afterward I iced my legs and streatched and felt a million times better mentally.  The kids still drove me bananas, but I had slightly more patience to deal with them. 

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Moni said...

So you know.. the FirstTri race distance for the CapTexTri next month is a 400m swim (equivalent to 8 laps in a pool), 6.2 mi bike and 5k run.. you totally did more than half of that race! You know you want to.. I'll be there! ;)