Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photo Updates - for John

I can never remember how to load photos to our family picture website (from So I will post some here today.

Here is Maddy at Layla's birthday party a couple weekends ago. She wore that hat for almost an hour which is impressive for an 18 month old.

Gwen hanging out in the play room at home.
Gwen at Fire Bowl Cafe learning to use chop sticks. I must not be representing the proper use of chop sticks when I eat out with her.

Jack in the swing in the backyard.
All three kids enjoying a snack after a morning at the Zilker Gardens with Grandpa and Nana. Maddy walked probably a mile herself, she refused to ride in the stroller, be carried or hold hands. She's 18 months going on 18 years old.

I take the most pictures when the kids are cute. When they are obnoxious and crying I am usually trying to control my temper, so I don't think to grab a camera and document their "other side". On the last morning my parents were here, I tried to get a picture of them and all three kids. Huge mistake to leave this for the last minute, but I learn something new every day. Here is the best of the 3 pictures that I took. I like how Gwen is distancing herself from the whole thing and Jack and Maddy are desperately trying to fight through it. Ahh... kids.

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JennAventures said...

I love that Mom and Dad look happy in the picture at least.

Is it weird that I'm proud of Miss Maddy's independence, crows of her stubborn Aunt don't you think?