Wednesday, November 18, 2009

101. Do something that I am afraid to do

Was I afraid to zip line? Not really, but this is not something I would have done on my own. Thanks to Monica for suggesting it when I started my list, to Jennifer for planning the day to go and to all the girls that joined me in celebrating my 30th birthday with Zipping and Sipping!

Jennifer picked me up at 9am and I could not have been more excited. The kids were going wild and I was counting down the minutes to leave. We picked up refreshments and met up with Kim, Renee, Christina, Karen and Monica. Kim was nice enough to drive everybody and we enjoyed mimosas and muffins on the ride to Wimberly. After lunch, we headed to the Wimberly Zipline Adventures. A couple of us had ziplinned before, but it was all new to me. We did 8 lines in 90 minutes and it was so much fun, we all had a great time.

After jello shots and some celebratory wine, we went to Mandolas Estate Winery. We did a wine tour and tasting. Then dressed up for dinner at Trattorina Lisina at the winery. By this time everyone was feeling pretty good. We were the loud party in the restaurant, looking back I feel a little sorry for the waiter and the manager who kept coming over to subtly tell us to shut it. I think we had 1 too many bottles of wine, but it was so worth it. The ride home was even more entertaining after I took a little nap.

It was a great birthday celebration - it was worth turning 30 for! A special thank you to John for letting me have the whole day off - that does not come easy for us anymore!

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