Friday, March 20, 2009

The week isn't even over yet

Well there's good news: Big boy Jack cut his first tooth! And he has slept through the night 5 days in a row. Jack only has a few more days with the helmet and he's done! He's got the most beautiful head that money can buy. I decorated his helmet with MSU and basketball stickers to celebrate March Madness. And that little beast is about to start crawling. I give him 3 weeks, but he is already wiggling around pretty good.

And there's bad news: All three kids have ear infections. Awesome. Jack has a wicked diaper rash, it hurts me to look at is (but he doesn't care because he's a gross boy). Madeline is NOT sleeping through the night, but we still love her.

AND - Gwendolyn got a band-aid stuck in her nose. Seriously. It was our first nasal extraction. John had to do it, I chickened out. See kids - this is what happens when you pick your nose! What goes in your nose? NOTHING! Leave the boogies in there, that's is where they live.

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Christy said...

Lol, your kids are too awesome! looking forward to tonight!