Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An email message from Sandy

I just looked at your crazy 1001 list on your blog. I'm gonna call it like it is, girl...crazy. I think your list needs to more like...
1. Eat more ice cream (what the hell is the no eating after 8 pm rule?).
2. Look out the window and enjoy the fact that there is no snow.
3. Kick your feet up and relax.
4. Watch TV and don't think about your list because you have just had twins and plus you have Gwen and that has got to make you need to sit back and watch TV and relax and not think about the list.

In fact...I might make you a list. Hmm.... I think I'll roll it around in my head for a while. You need a new list. Yours is too "Been at the Engineering Building" all day for me. :-)

I'll let you know when your new list is done.



I look forward to you list Crazy Schmals

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