Thursday, November 20, 2008

1 Year

Wow, I didn't realize until I read Christina's post that we made these lists about a year ago. How time flies! I'm disappointed by my progress on this list. But really, some of these may need to be reevaluated completely. My life has changed dramatically in the past year. You wouldn't think that having 2 babies would be that different when you have already had one, but I am struggling to get even the essentials done every day - like eating, sleeping, drinking water, trying to be happy, trying not to cry, vaccuming the house and cleaning the bathrooms once in a while. I know that this is but a moment in time and I should appreciate the blessings in my life, but it is much easier to see all the negative things and get weighed down by them.

So, with Thanksgiving coming up, I am going to start being more thankful every day.

What am I thankful for today? My beautiful home, the health of my children, and my size 8 jeans.

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